Foliage Friday: Chinese Fringe Flower Again!

Does anyone remember this crazy bush from Palo Alto?

With these pom-pom like flowers?

Well…as it turns out, we have one in our yard in Portland too! I was looking through the yard for the next shrub/weed/tree/etc that I couldn’t yet identify for the next Foliage Friday and this shrub caught my eye.

According to it’s Loropetalum chinense, aka Chinese Fringe Flower. Same species as that pink pom-pom bush in Palo Alto – different variety. I’ve never seen this shrub in bloom – I’m pretty sure I would have noticed! Chinese Fringe Flower usually blooms in late winter/early spring. This one is in a pretty shady area, under a Douglas Fir and some other conifers. so lack of sunlight is probably the reason it’s not blooming.

I actually really like the teal/green foliage with tips of burgundy, and I think flowers are kind of weird looking, so I prefer a non-blooming version. Plus it’s evergreen, so we can enjoy this foliage all year long.

As Eliza pointed out last time, it’s unfortunately not native to the Pacific Northwest, or even to the US – it’s native to China/Japan. Alas. I don’t think I’ll get rid of it, but I certainly won’t try to propagate it or look for more for our yard.

I’ll just enjoy this one.

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