Replanting and Expanding Nate’s Forest

As I alluded to in my Apple Fest post, we planted some trees last weekend.

Nate has many trees that he’s grown from seeds he has collected in pots on his balcony. His balcony is getting a bit full.

Remember how some of the trees he planted in the empty lot near his apartment were mowed down? He is not to be deterred and is continuing to plant trees in the lot – he’s just avoiding the perimeter of the lot that was mowed down.

We chose a number of trees from the pots on his balcony that looked like suitable candidates to plant outside.

Among them were two apple trees….

…two oak trees….

…a Western red cedar…

…I think?… the pattern on the bottom side leaves doesn’t seem quite right, though….

…two Blue Atlas Cedars (I think? I forget exactly what these are, sorry Nate)

…and lastly, a small volunteer tree that was growing in a pot with another tree. We think it might be a birch, perhaps? Or an alder?

That’s eight new trees – not bad for a couple hour’s work. The next day, Seattle got a decent amount of rain. I think these trees will be much happier than the trees that were planted in the spring/early summer when there was no rain and were dependent on Nate for all their water.

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