The Inaugural Apple Fest

This past weekend, Nate and I celebrated the first of a new holiday we are calling “Apple Fest!”

Last week, I was pondering what to do with all the apples I had slowly rotting in bowls in the kitchen. I had come up with a number of interesting recipes that were not apple sauce. I brought all of those apples to Seattle, and thus, was born Apple Fest.

Apple Fest is (from now on) celebrated on the first weekend following the autumn equinox. All weekend, revelers consume apples in as many forms as they can think to enjoy. While baking and cooking with apples, you can listen to “fall music” and watch “fall movies.” We also planted apple trees! Apple Fest is a celebration of apples, but more importantly, it’s a celebration of my favorite season: fall.

We started out with sautéed apples with oatmeal.

This picture does not look very good, bug trust me, they were delicious.

The oatmeal was recipe was from America’s Test Kitchen. They have you toast steel cut oats before cooking them in a mixture of milk and water. It was very extra and it was amazing. The recipe for the sautéed apples was also from America’s Test Kitchen.

The perfect breakfast to kick off Apple Fest

We also made grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices….

…an apple, spinach, and carrot salad…

…and apple butter!

I know that photo doesn’t look very appetizing, but it’s actually pretty tasty. This was my first time making apple butter. I found a recipe from Laurel’s Kitchen (one of my mom’s old cookbooks).

It’s a great alternative to apple sauce. We made apple butter-peanut butter sandwiches with apple butter. The apple cider vinegar in the recipe gives it a subtle tanginess that is actually surprisingly good with peanut butter. (Also, if you don’t know what it means for the apple butter to “sheet” when it is ready, I didn’t either until the apple butter was almost overcooked. This is sheeting.)

The pièce de résistance was the apple bundt cake, which is a mandatory part of Apple Fest.

This recipe came from Martha Stewart. It was very good! Would recommend! She called for making a glaze, but I didn’t have apple cider at the time, so I just dusted the cake with powdered sugar instead. Also, we didn’t have walnuts, so we had to omit those, but I think it would be even better with walnuts.

I think I’ll make this recipe again in the future with the walnuts and apple cider glaze, but, while Apple Fest necessitates an apple cake, it does not have to be this apple cake. I can experiment with different recipes from year to year.

Last, but not least, we planted an apple tree!

More on that soon to come….

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