Trying to Direct Sow Beets and Carrots…yet again

I planted beets and carrots in this area earlier in the season. A couple came up, but not very well, and the bean teepee leaned over putting them in almost 100% shade, so nothing really came of them.

The beans have been eaten by the deer. There are a few stragglers still on the vines, so I’ve just propped the bean teepee back up to clear this space for sowing more seeds.

From left to right, I’m planting scallions, chervil, cilantro and parsley, purple carrots, and two varieties of beets in the last two rows.

I’m just hoping to get a few plants going that I can cover and overwinter so I can get a headstart in the spring.

I sowed these seeds exactly one week ago (Sept 5). I was in the garden yesterday and I don’t see any seedlings yet. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? Perhaps they’re not getting enough water? I don’t think lack of light or warmth should be a problem for germination of these plants. Perhaps the seeds are bad…

Or maybe I just need to be more patient.

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