Foliage Friday: Wild Violet

Today’s Foliage Friday is another weed in the yard.

This one is everywhere in the yard, but small and kind of pretty – I think it has flowers in the spring, but I can’t quite remember.

It’s wild violet! It’s a common lawn weed found all over the US. How nice – little violets growing all over the yard.

Wild violet is a perennial weed. It like shady damp areas, which describes our backyard in the winter exactly. It produces purple flowers in the spring and summer, which produce seeds and spread throughout the yard. They also spread via rhizomes. They have a tendency to take over lawns, which is why people don’t like them.

Most websites – including state extension sites – say that the best way to get rid of wild violet is to spray them with herbicides. Hand pulling won’t get the rhizomes out. You can also improve the health of your lawn to hopefully crowd out or slow the growth of the wild violet. We won’t bother with any of that (definitely not the herbicide), so I guess we’ll just have to enjoy wild violet all over the yard. Oh well. There are worse plants for the yard. The pollinators will appreciate having it in the spring, too.

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