The Odyssey of the Strawberry Tree

We left off in the front yard several weeks ago with a partially dug strawberry tree and a big eyesore.

Where we left off August 22nd

Well, I’m happy to report that the eyesore is no more! The strawberry tree has been moved to its proper home in the backyard near other strawberry trees. This was quite the job, though.

Where we picked up on October 4th

Nate was in town and eager to get the strawberry tree out, so we resumed digging. This time, digging went much faster because the rain we had in September softened the dirt.

Mid-way through digging

After an hour or two of digging (I wasn’t paying attention to the time), we felt we were getting close, but it was getting late and we were tired. We called it quits for the day and headed inside.

My dad went out to check on our progress, and fifteen minutes later, he came back inside to say that the tree was out!

But now it was time for the hard part. I severely underestimated how heavy the tree would be. It took all three of us (Nate, my dad, and myself) lifting with all our might to get the tree up out of the hole.

We then transferred it to a wheelbarrow (I honestly have no recollection of how we managed to do this, but it was very difficult). The rootball was in the wheelbarrow and Nate and I supported the branches of the tree, which were sticking out the front. Dad steered the wheelbarrow (“This is a fool’s errand,” he said). I did not get any photos of the wheelbarrow portion of this journey. It was quite harrowing, and I thought it would be in poor taste to pull out a camera at that moment.

We had to go around the side of the house, down several shallow stairs and then wheeled it along the backside of the house. There was another set of steeper stairs that we had to get the tree down, and we didn’t think the wheelbarrow would manage, so at that point we decided to move the tree from the wheelbarrow to a tarp (again, this part was very difficult and I don’t really remember how we made this happen, but we did).

With Nate supporting much of the weight of the branches, Dad I had dragged the rootball in the tarp down the stairs, across the lawn, and over to its final resting place.

It looks good so far (six days later), and let’s hope, its “final resting place” is where it will live for many years to come.

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad someone got some enjoyed it! My dad says we have you to thank – I have completely blocked out the memory of doing it, but he says we used your suggestion to get the tree into the wheelbarrow.

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