Planning the 2022 Garden

I’m starting to plan next year’s garden! How exciting!! I love the planning process almost as much as the planting and harvesting parts of gardening. I’m still working out the infrastructure of the garden, and I don’t even know if I’ll stay in this garden space for another full year, so I’m still keeping my plans pretty modest.

My disorganized seed stash
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Fungus Friday: Laccaria laccata “The Deceiver”

This might be one of the last Foliage Friday posts for 2021. The sun sets before 5, and very little gardening is happening these days. I don’t think I’m going to be posting as often on my usual schedule (Sun|Mon|Tue|Thu|Fri) for the rest of November and December, but I do intend to pick things back up at my usual rate in January when I start sowing seeds and the days start getting longer.

But I have a mushroom to share today – and you may recognize this one from your own yard.

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Starting Chervil Indoors

I have one more recipe left in my Veganomicon cookbook – I’ve made every other recipe (that’s over 250 recipes). The last recipe is a Porcini Wild Rice Soup, and it calls for chervil. I grew chervil this summer, but it’s a cool weather crop and it bolted pretty quickly, so I didn’t even get to try any. (I did save its seeds, though, so it wasn’t a total loss).

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