Avocado Pest: Cottony Cushion Scale

Last weekend, I took big the avocado tree out to the porch to give it a thorough watering. Its tips are turning brown and I’m worried its due to a build up of salt in the pot from too small waterings. Nate noticed some little white fuzzy things on some of the branches….


Nate’s pest ID app said it was a kind of scale – probably cottony cushion scale. This is a scale insect that has a large white (“cottony”) egg sac that can grow up to half an inch long. I’m guessing I got this pest when I brought the citrus that was summering on the porch back inside for the winter. I was sooo careful about checking for pests! And even now, I don’t see any evidence of cottony scale on any of the other plants – just this one avocado.

I sprayed the whole plant with Neem oil (it’s an indoor plant, so I’m not that worried about hurting off-target insects). It’s only been a week, so it’s too early to say, but it’s not looking any worse.

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