Fall Clean-Up: Raking Leaves

All the leaves have fallen off the oak tree.

And it has left a sea of leaves in the yard.

So many leaves.

The deck also collects a lot of leaves.

And I needed to clean up some of the spent plants and leftover pots on the deck.

We were fortunate to have really great (not rainy) weather over Halloween weekend, so Nate and I were able to spend several hours raking and mowing a *ton* of leaves up. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that many leaves from these photos, but trust me, it’s a lot of leaves when you’re the one raking them all up.

The result is so satisfying 🙂

A clean deck
Seed pots cleaned and waiting for new seedlings in a few months!

What’s even more amazing is that all those leaves, after being mulched with the lawnmower, condensed down into this relatively small pile of leaves.

As I clear out garden beds, I’ll spread this leaf mulch to improve the soil. There are still plenty of leaves left in the yard – we mainly focused on getting the leaves off the deck, paths, and lawn.

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