Starting Chervil Indoors

I have one more recipe left in my Veganomicon cookbook – I’ve made every other recipe (that’s over 250 recipes). The last recipe is a Porcini Wild Rice Soup, and it calls for chervil. I grew chervil this summer, but it’s a cool weather crop and it bolted pretty quickly, so I didn’t even get to try any. (I did save its seeds, though, so it wasn’t a total loss).

I planted some chervil with some of the fall crop seeds I direct sowed, but most of the seeds were either stomped by a deer or eaten by a bird or they didn’t germinate.

I’m going to start some in a pot. It says they ideally germinate at 60-70°F. I’m hoping that once it’s growing, I can move it outside and have it growing on the porch over the winter. Maybe that’s too optimistic, but they are biennial in our zone, so they should survive the winter. Chervil “thrives” in cool temperatures, so the packet says.

To sow these seeds, you press them into the soil surface – don’t bury them – as they need light to germinate.

Since I don’t have a very sunny spot that is 60-70°F, I’m using the grow lights.

If all goes according to plan, it should be ready to harvest two months after sowing. I’m looking forward to some Wild Rice Porcini Soup in early January. Hmmm…..maybe I should grow some porcini mushrooms, too….and some wild rice! Better get on it!

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