A Winter Storm Warning for Portland

We’re expecting some very cold days in Portland this week, and that means snow.

This forecast is from weather.com. It’s one of the more favorable forecasts. Other forecasts have us getting down into the teens – eek! This is the kick in the pants I needed to finally clean up the dahlia pots.

These pots had seed-sown dahlias (we collected the seeds from the prior season’s dahlias and planted them rather than growing dahlias from tubers, which is the more traditional route).

I finally cut off all the dead stems to clean up the pots.

One of the pots had some pretty aggressive roots coming out of it, so I expect there will be some good tubers in here.

We’re storing the dahlia pots in the garage during this cold spell so the soil in the pots doesn’t freeze and ruin the tubers.

You can also maybe see the olive tree in the back, which we’re going to keep sheltered in the garage for the next few days as well – just until the risk of freeze has passed.

I plan to dig up some of the tubers to see if they’ve created full-sized tubers that I can split for future years, but the soil is pretty wet, so I’ll let them dry out a bit in the garage before I tackle that project.

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