Maple Walnut Pie with Walnuts from the Backyard

I finally got around to shelling the walnuts I collected this fall.

Shells on the left, walnuts on the right

It was quite a tedious process. It took me…probably an hour? hour and half to get about 1.25 cups of walnuts. I worked in it in pieces here and there, so I don’t really know how much time it took. My fingers got sore, so I took a few breaks.

They do taste better than store-bought walnuts (less bitter), but I’m not sure all that work is really worth it. I wish there were a way to shell these walnuts that would be faster and require less force with my hands.

I decided to use these walnuts to make Maple-Walnut Pie from the Moosewood Cookbook.

This is actually special recipe because it is the last recipe I haven’t made from this cookbook. I’ve cooked every other recipe (over 250 recipes) from this book! I can’t believe it. The Moosewood Cookbook is an absolute classic vegetarian cookbook. It was originally written in the 1970s, but remains on lists of tops vegetarian cookbooks to this day. Mollie Katzen is in good company with Deborah Madison and Alice Waters. This was my mom’s book (she left some handwritten notes in the margins of some the recipes).

It’s impossible to pick a favorite recipe from this book. My list of potential favorites is long and includes Spicy Tomato Soup, Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Mushroom Bisque, Warm Salad, Tofu Salad, Carrot-Yogurt Salad, Caramelized Onion Sauce with pasta, Blue Cheese Heaven, Calzones, Mushroom Strudel, Date-Nut Cake, Crunchy-Top Peach Pie, Lemon Mousse, and Danish Cherries. All so very good.

The Maple-Walnut Pie was fine, but not a favorite. It’s a good recipe, but I think it’s Katzen’s version of a pecan pie, and I don’t particularly care for pecan pie, so I didn’t care for this either – just not my taste.

The walnuts in it were good, though 😉

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