The 2021 Garden Year In Review

It’s the end of 2021 and that means it is time for the 2021 garden year in review!

This year was an odd one because it was equally split between Palo Alto and Portland, although the majority of my gardening year happened in Portland. In April of last year (at the unofficial start of the garden season for me, I suppose) I set Gardening Goals.

My three goals were to 1) Start Small 2) Focus on Infrastructure and 3) Take Notes.

For Start Small, I wanted to grow just enough for one salad. I succeeded!

I grew many tomatoes, several green beans, a bit of lettuce, a few potatoes, enough basil to make pesto, and a handful of parsley.

For Focus on Infrastructure, I wanted to do a sun study of the yard, work on our compost system, deer and rabbit-proof the garden, and create a seed-starting set up. Check, miss, half-check, and check.

I did a sun study of our yard, which was a very helpful activity. It gave me some not surprising, but still very disheartening information – the raised vegetable beds don’t get quite enough sun due to the oak tree and the walnut tree. The front yard gets much more sun. This coming year, I’m going to use the backyard garden plots for leafy greens and will move the bulk of my sun-loving veggies to a couple of beds in the front yard.

I didn’t do anything with the compost system. We compost our kitchen scraps, but my dad mostly manages that.

I had netting and wire fencing around the garden. I think it kept the rabbits out, but the wire fencing was too short to really deter the deer and they decimated my green beans. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to deer proof the beds in the front yard this year….that’s a problem for future Marie to solve.

And lastly for Take Notes, well I kept up with this blog and my garden logs all season long, so I’d call that a success too!

I also made fig leaf ice cream

…visited George Washington’s garden….

…moved a strawberry tree

…read some great books….

…learned about mushrooms

…celebrated Apple Fest 2021!….

…and so much more.

I set the bar pretty low for 2021. Having very small, achievable goals in gardening is good because there is so much that is not in your control. It keeps me motivated to do these little things. And with every season, I’ll grow a little bit more.

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