Next Seeds of 2022: Echinacea

We are at 11 weeks until our average last frost date, and the next seeds that I’m starting this year are echinacea.

From what I’ve read online, it seems like I’m supposed to start echinacea 8-10 weeks before our last frost date, but I really wanted to plant something this weekend, and this seems like a good candidate.

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Planning the Front Yard Garden

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m moving the bulk of the vegetable garden to the front yard.

My plans for the layout have been in flux. I originally imagined having two side-by-side 10’x3′ (roughly) slightly raised garden beds, similar to what exists in the backyard.

But that layout seems a bit boring to me. I want the front yard garden to be not only functional but also pretty to look at. I see the front yard garden every day as I go in and out of the house via the driveway, and our kitchen window and my bedroom window look out on it.

Currently, the yard is torn up where we pulled out the strawberry tree last fall. A big pile of compost, coffee grounds, and dirt sits in the hole now. I spent some time on Saturday leveling things out and mixing the compost in a little bit. As I was working I played with different configurations for the garden.

The space I have to work with here is roughly 15′ x 15′. My current plan is to divide it into four quadrants with two paths running perpendicular to each other through the square. The paths will be roughly 2 feet wide, which means each quadrant will be about 6’x6′. Plenty of space!

I imagine putting a trellis of beans in the center garden plot (or I could put four trellises – one in the center of each quadrant….hmmmm….). I can use one quadrant for tomatoes, one plot for onions, one plot for squash, etc. Or I can put squash around the outside and let them sprawl over the lawn and then plant rows of vegetables radiating toward the center.

That poorly drawn tree on the left side of the photo is the future site of the olive tree (potentially)

There are so many ways I could arrange this space! And the fun part is: I can do it one way this year and change it up in years to come. And I still have a flower garden to plan and plant this year too!

Cooking With Chervil

Still not much actual gardening is happening this early in January. I’m planning to start some more seeds this weekend, and it is supposed to be sunny (or at least not raining) both Saturday and Sunday, so we’ll see what other jobs in the garden I can find to do this weekend.

But in the meantime….I have nothing more to talk about than chervil. Are you tired of hearing about chervil yet? I harvested a bit of chervil to cook with! It’s looking really good on the porch.

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The Chervil Is Growing Up

The chervil seedlings that I started from seed in November are finally big enough (I hope) to be put outside.

After several days (weeks really!) of very nasty weather – very cold and very wet, snow and ice then buckets of rain – it was finally sunny today. It went outside and it felt like spring was coming!

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