2022 Gardening Resolutions

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who enjoy making New Year’s resolutions and those who do not. I am the former.

But I like resolutions that I can achieve, so I keep them modest. In 2022, I resolve to:

1. Spend time outside every day.

I do an okay job of this, but especially in the winter when it’s dark when I leave for work and dark before I get home, it seems especially pointless to be outside in the garden. With this resolution, I’m reminding myself that every little bit counts, and I think it will be a good habit to get into. Something as simple as making a single lap around the house will count. Fresh air and exposure to nature does a person good.

2. Learn more about native plants.

This resolution is inspired by Doug Tallamy’s book, Nature’s Best Hope, which I read last summer. I want to learn more about what plants are native to our area. In particular, I want to take a native plant survey of the yard – what plants in our yard are native and which ones are not?

3. Try growing a new vegetable.

This is a perpetual resolution. Every year I want to grow something new. This year, I’m going to try to grow sorrel. It’s a leafy green, kind of like spinach, but with a lemony flavor, and just like spinach, is good cooked or raw, in salads or in soups.

(MHNT) Rumex acetosa - Habit.jpg
Sorrel, image source: wikipedia
4. Save a new kind of seed.

I have a good collection of seeds I’ve saved from plants in the garden over the past couple of years. I pretty comfortable saving tomato, zinnia, dill, and fennel seeds. I want to try to save something new, perhaps parsley. I have some parsley growing in pots on the back porch that I started last spring. Parsley is a biennial, so in theory, it should go to seed this summer.

5. Learn more about bugs in the garden.

I want to pay attention to bugs I see in the garden. Whenever I see a bug, I want to identify it and determine if it is a “good” bug or a “bad” bug (or somewhere in between).

And of course, I want to get back to a regular posting schedule. It has been nice to take a bit of a break these past few weeks when not much is happening in the garden, but I will be starting the first round of seeds for 2022 in a week or two, and the days will be getting longer again, so I should have more things to report on and write about. I can’t wait for spring to come!

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