It’s time to start cold weather crops!

As of today, there are 9 weeks to go until our average last frost date. That means I got to sow lots of cool weather crops indoors!

According to Margaret Roach’s seed starting calculator, I can start cabbage, kale, collards and the like. I didn’t realize how many cold weather crops I was growing this year, until I got out the packets and had to find pots for them all.

That’s 11 pots! I planted a few types of kale, mustard greens, cabbage, beets, and sweet peas.

See all of these pots filling up our relatively small grow light space makes it feel like gardening season is in full swing! …even if there are nine. more. weeks. until the unofficial end of winter (which, in my mind is the average last frost date). Grow, little seeds, grow!

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