Cooking With Chervil

Still not much actual gardening is happening this early in January. I’m planning to start some more seeds this weekend, and it is supposed to be sunny (or at least not raining) both Saturday and Sunday, so we’ll see what other jobs in the garden I can find to do this weekend.

But in the meantime….I have nothing more to talk about than chervil. Are you tired of hearing about chervil yet? I harvested a bit of chervil to cook with! It’s looking really good on the porch.

I made the final recipe in Veganomicon – Porcini Wild Rice Soup.

It doesn’t look very appetizing, but it is delicious! Rich and brothy and stew-y all at the same time. Chervil tastes very similar to fennel. From what I read online, it has a “mild” anise flavor. I found it quite strong actually! I used only a little bit, but it came through loud and clear in this soup! It was a good foil to the salty, mushroomy-ness of the soup. I want to use chervil in more dishes now – omelets, potato salad, salad dressing, other soups….

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