Next Seeds of 2022: Echinacea

We are at 11 weeks until our average last frost date, and the next seeds that I’m starting this year are echinacea.

From what I’ve read online, it seems like I’m supposed to start echinacea 8-10 weeks before our last frost date, but I really wanted to plant something this weekend, and this seems like a good candidate.

These are seeds I collected from an echinacea plant on Stanford’s campus in fall 2020. I planted some seeds in spring of 2021.

They grew pretty slowly, but I was able to transplant them into the front “flower garden” mid-summer 2021.

They’re supposed to be perennial, but unfortunately, we had some plumbing work done last fall, and the echinacea were trampled and did not survive. Very tragic.

But I have plenty more seeds and another chance to grow echinacea.

Here they are, under the grow light:

Echinacea on the left, onions on the right

Echinacea is slow to germinate – 10-20 days – so I will have to be patient. My collection of seedlings is sloooowly growing….so exciting!

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