Replanting “Living” Lettuce

I wanted some lettuce last weekend and picked up a “Living” butter lettuce from WinCo. It’s lettuce that has been grown hydroponically in a greenhouse and is sold with roots still attached.

Supposedly, keeping the roots on gives it a longer shelf-life (I cannot verify that claim).

I wondered what would happen if we replanted it in dirt. Would it start growing again?

Nate stripped off most of the leaves (and ate them – yum yum), leaving only a small cluster of leaves in the center.

That “dirt” on the rootball is actually organic peat moss, according to the Pete’s website. I guess hydroponically grown lettuce needs some sort of “medium” for its roots to grow in.

Here it is all potted up:

I don’t have high hopes for this lettuce, but I have nothing to lose except a small ball of tasty lettuce leaves.

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