Spring Blooms and Forcing Forsythia

We’re only one month into winter and I’m already eagerly anticipating spring. I like to go around the yard and check on the early bloomers for any signs of color.

The buds on the flame azalea in the front yard are my favorite

The camellias have been tightly budded up for a while now with no signs of movement. These typically bloom in February, if I’m remembering correctly.

The forsythia buds are also growing, but there’s no sign of yellow yet.

I cut some branches a week or two ago and put them in a vase inside.

So at least we have spring blooms inside.

I also found a few dandelions blooming, so there’s that.

It’s the little things….

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  1. Wonderful to find you. I am in Gresham Oregon and trying to identify a Cedar tree at my new house and stumbled upon your blog. Nice to meet you Marie, I am Millie.

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