Starting the First Seeds of 2022: Onions!!

It’s finally time! Time to start seeds for the 2022 gardening season. How exciting?!

The first seeds I have to start are onions, which are planted 10-12 weeks before your average last frost date.

I gathered my supplies: seed starter and potting soil, a 4″ plastic pots (recycled, of course), a tray to catch water, labels, and the seeds, of course. I also used a bowl to mix the soil and pre-moisten it before putting it in the pots. I used a mix of seed starter and potting soil. I find that the seed starter, while helpful for germination, is just too light and peat-y for seedlings that need to stay in their pots for several weeks. The potting soil / seed starting mix seems to work better for me.

I ended up potting up two 4″ pots of Walla Walla onions and one pot of White Bunching onions. I scattered seeds in both pots fairly thickly.

Here they are under the grow lights (they are on a heating mat, but I don’t have the mat turned on). I’ll starting fertilizing them with a very dilute fertilizer a couple weeks after they have germinated, and once they are three inches tall, I will trim their tops. I’ve never done that before, but this is what I have read I am supposed to do, and so that is what I will do this year.

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