The Ennist Botanical Garden and Nursery

This past weekend I was in Seattle, which means my gardening activities were limited to a balcony.

But no worries! This balcony is actually a Botanical Garden and Nursery. I’ve introduced you in the past to the Ennist Arboretum. Well…this is were the trees are grown until they are mature enough to be planted out.

All of these trees on this balcony have been grown from seed. It’s a bit of a mess…several trees needed to be separated and repotted and everything is a bit waterlogged from all the rain we’ve had this winter. I won’t show you the “after” photos because it’s still quite messy, but I’ll give you a brief tour of the plants growing here. (Keep in mind that it’s still winter, so the deciduous trees have lost their leaves and they don’t look like very much at the moment.)

First up, five Strawberry Trees:

Two Chestnuts:

Three Apples:

One Raspberry:

These next two pots are flowers, not trees. On the left is a chrysanthemum and and the right are columbines.

And lastly, a really great looking fern!

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  1. Wow, there’s a lot going on on this balcony! I feel sad (again) that Earl and Puma ate the strawberry tree that traveled across the country to MD. 🙁

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