The Onions Are Up!

The 2022 garden season is off to a great start! The first seeds planted – Walla Walla onions and White Bunching onions – have germinated right on schedule.

I planted these on January 9th. They should germinate in 7-10 days, and I saw them poking their heads up on January 18th – day 9. Right on schedule. It’s hard to see much in these photos with the shocking purple LED lights, but they’re there.

One new thing I’m trying this year is using an excel spreadsheet (technically: a google sheet) to keep track of what seeds I planted when. Last year, I kept very haphazard notes in a small notebook, which didn’t prove to be very useful. I also wrote dates on plant tags, but most of the plant tags washed off my the end of the season. I’m sure I could scroll back through this blog and figure out when things were planted, but that would be tedious. It would be nice to have better records of when things were sown, what the germination rate was like, when they were transplanted, etc, so I can make adjustments from year to year.

So here we are: my seed starting data sheet for 2022! I’m hopeful I can keep good organized records this year!

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