Pea Planting Weekend

President’s Day weekend is traditionally pea planting weekend. I’m not sure why. The seed packet says “direct sow in early spring as soon as soil is workable.” That’s kind of meaningless, since our soil doesn’t freeze. I don’t know who told me to start pea seeds on President’s Day weekend in the PNW, but it’s an easy milestone to remember so that’s what I’m doing. And it’s exciting! These are the first seeds I’m sowing outside in the in-ground garden!

I have three peas to sow: an old packet of Sugar Snap pole peas, a few seeds I collected from peas I grew in Palo Alto (I think they are Oregon Sugar Pod, but I’m not certain), and some loose pea seeds I found in the “garden drawer” in our kitchen.

I’m planting them in two locations. First, in one corner of the front garden:

And in the raised cinder block bed in the backyard

Also, it’s supposed to get down to 22F on Tuesday night. Brrr! It’s a good excuse to try out the row cover.

I mostly got this to keep bugs, birds, rabbits, and squirrels out, but it might help a bit to keep the frost off.

Tucked in

And maybe the little warmth the row cover provides will speed up germination. Can’t hurt.

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