Pruning The Fruit Trees

Yesterday was a beautiful day for fruit tree pruning – high 40s with partly sunny skies. My dad has already been pruning some of the trees – the apples and pears mostly – in bit and pieces, here and there. Nate and I went around and assessed all of the fig trees and took some more branches off the apple trees and pear trees.

And after – looks about the same.

We have two apple trees (a Red Delicious and a multi-variety apple tree), two pears (both Comice, I think), and several fig trees that have all been propagated from one fig tree that was here before we lived here (it’s a purple fig, I don’t know what kind). As we were pruning, we counted the fig trees – nine in total, a veritable orchard!

Here’s another fig tree before and after
We took a little more off this one, but it’s still hard to see much of a difference in a photo

I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to pruning. You can always cut more later, but you can’t put a branch back on.

Red delicious apple tree – tons of water sprouts
Red delicious apple tree – still lots of water sprouts, but fewer

We mostly took off obviously crossing (touching) branches, anything diseased or damaged, and branches that were crowded in the center of the shrubs or trees. From the apples and pears, we also cut off a number of water sprouts. I’ll probably go around the yard again another day and take a few more branches off. Pruning is like painting – a few brushstrokes here, take a step back, look at it from different angles, maybe come back to it another day.

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