Replanting the Lettuce

I mentioned in a post a few days ago that my pot of lettuce seeds I had set out on the back porch was dug up by squirrels.

I will not be discouraged.

Last weekend, I smooth back the soil and re-sowed lettuce seeds in that pot. I then constructed a fork fortress to deter the squirrels. It’s not the prettiest, but hopefully it will do the trick.

I also noticed a tiny sprout in the pot as I was smoothing the soil back over. I don’t know if this is a lettuce sprout or some weed that the squirrels tracked in, but I’m keeping it for now.

In other news, the crocus is blooming!

The bees enjoy it almost as much as I do ­čÖé

One thought on “Replanting the Lettuce”

  1. FOFL!! We have a suet bird feeder that is on a very thin pole, 5 feet up. This morning I watched a greedy little squirrel CLIMB THE POLE and hop onto the suet feeder. Very annoying, yet I have to marvel at the amazing dexterity. Dave is thinking WD-40.

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