Sorting the Dahlias

Last summer, we grew a number of dahlias in pots. Many (but not all) were actually started from seed.

When we had that cold snap around Christmas, I cut off the dead flower stalks and brought the pots into the garage. And there they have sat for the last two months.

I wasn’t sure if the dahlias that we started from seed would form good sized tubers that could be replanted or if they would be a one-and-done kind of thing. Last weekend I emptied all the pots and here’s what I found:

Every single pot had a good clump of tubers! And they all look in good condition: firm and I didn’t noticed any rot. I was even able to identify a few with eyes.

The soil in the pots was still a bit wet and was clinging to the tubers, so I’m going to let them dry in the basement for a week or so until I can knock off the rest of the soil and separate the tubers. Then I’ll pack them up in sawdust and put them back in the garage until it’s time to plant them in the ground again at the end of April. I’m also starting more dahlias from seed this year. You can never have too many dahlias!

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