Starting Tomatoes & Jalapeños (+ Potting Soil Test)

Yesterday, I started the tomatoes and some peppers (jalapeños) for the year. The tomato seeds are *entirely* seeds that I’ve saved from years past, which is very neat in my opinion. I’m growing six different kinds of tomatoes, ranging in size from a large Coeur di Bue tomato to a small sungold-type tomato.

I’ve never grown peppers before. I don’t know why, but I have the impression that peppers will be difficult to grow in our mild climate. These are “Early Jalapeños” so hopefully they will be quicker to grow and I’ll have better success with them.

I’m running low on seed starting pots, so I made several newspaper pots. I’m also taking this opportunity to make test out the two potting soils that we have – Miracle-Gro versus Kellogg.

The Miracle-Gro is much finer than Kellogg. Kellogg had large, identifiable pieces of wood, and felt damper right out fo the bag, whereas Miracle-Gro seemed to be more peat-heavy and required more water to moisten.


I have eighteen pots total – two matching sets of nine each (eight pots of tomatoes and one pot of peppers) – and we’ll see if there is any difference between the Kellogg and the Miracle-Gro potting soil.

I’m running out of space under the grow lights. Fortunately, there aren’t many more seeds that I plan to start indoors.

Onions, kale, etc on the left. Newly planted tomatoes and peppers on the right.

Also, of note, I turned the heat mat on under the tomatoes and peppers because they like a bit of heat.

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