The First Outdoor Seeds of the Season

This past weekend – the last weekend in January – I got to sow my first seeds outdoors of the season!

I chose to plant Burpee’s Bibb lettuce in a pot on the porch. Last summer/fall I started these seeds indoors and transplanted them into the raised in the fall, but I don’t think they did very well. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m going to try something different and see if I get different results.

These seeds are “container friendly” and according to the map on the back of the seed packet, I can sow them outdoors in our area between January and April.

Easy. Done.

Now I wait 7-10 days.

In other news, some of the cold weather crops that I sowed indoors last week have sprouted! Kale, spinach-mustard, and mustard greens are coming up.

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