Trimming the Onions

Last weekend I gave the onion seedlings a haircut. Trimming the greens is supposed to allow more energy to go toward growing stronger roots and forming a bigger bulb. Some sources say to trim them when they reach three inches tall; others say it’s best to trim them when they are five to six inches tall.

White bunching

My onions were just over three inches tall. I don’t think they’ll make it to six inches indoors in these small, crowded pots. Plus, I’m just a little overeager to do any minuscule gardening task right now.

Walla walla

Apparently, you can cut them down to 1.5-2 inches tall, but…I wasn’t brave enough to do that with these small seedlings. I decided to just trim the very tips off and bring them back under three inches tall and see how they did with that. I can always cut more.

Theoretically, I could start transplanting onion seedlings into the garden this weekend (!), but I want them to be a little more robust before thrusting them out into the world. I’m aiming for 1/8th-1/16th-of-an-inch-thick stalks before putting them out.

Plus it’s Presidents’ Day weekend, which means it’s Pea Planting weekend!!

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