The Gardens of Spain

Today, I’m sharing some photos of the flora I saw in Madrid and Barcelona. The climate in Spain is most similar to (of the places I’m familiar with) California. Highs in the 60s during the day, but down into the 40s at night. One thing I found surprising was the number of deciduous trees in Madrid. The parks at this time of year looked dead. As we took the train from Madrid to Barcelona, the scenery got progressively greener, as most trees in Barcelona are evergreen.

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Seed Starting Fatigue

I’ve started a lot of seeds this year. This was the first weekend that I just didn’t feel like it. Maybe I could blame my lack of motivation on daylight savings, but that wouldn’t be true. My seed starting trays are crowded. The seedlings at the edge of the trays are having to stretch to the reach the artificial light. I want to get stuff moved out into the garden, but the brassicas are just too small still.

But if I don’t plant more seeds, I won’t have zinnias this summer, and that would be a bit of a bummer.

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