Potato Time (and Bok Choy and Parsley)

I’ve got a couple of potatoes in a cabinet that I’ve been hanging on to….

…waiting for the right time to plant them.

We have a 68 degree day in the forecast and nothing below freezing for the foreseeable future (dare I venture to guess we’re past our last frost? That probably just jinxed it), so the time is now!

I cut one of the potatoes in half to produce two plants. The other one is left whole.

I filled two pots about a third of the way up with soil, settled in the potatoes, and covered them with a little more dirt.

I’ll continue adding more dirt to the pots as the plants grow.

I’ve placed the pots in the front garden by the onions, where they should get enough sunlight.

While I was at it, I also sowed some bok choy and parsley seeds into containers to have on the deck.

Bok choy is a new one for me. This “baby choi” variety is supposed to be good for container gardening.

Here the pots are next to my lettuce pot.

The tiny seedling that was disturbed by the squirrel has survived and I have a few more seedlings from the second round of sowing.

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