Springtime In Seattle

I’m up in Seattle this weekend, which means no gardening can get done, but on the bright side, it’s cherry blossom time at UW.

Normally this area of campus would be pretty empty. A surprising on I’m et of people turn up for this time.

I mean….they’re nice, but I don’t know that I would make a special trip just to see these blossoms.

Nate has tried the cherry fruit from these trees. He said they taste good (like store bought cherries), but they only have a very thin layer of flesh around the pit.

He planted some cherry pits a couple years ago….

….but then he gave them to his parents in Maryland…..

….and their cats chewed the tops off the seedlings.

Very sad. Oh well. He says he has more cherry seeds, and he intends to grow more cherry trees.

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