Transplanting Brassicas

I’ve had my brassica seedlings on the porch for the past couple of days so they could get acclimated (“hardening them off”).

It’s time to plant them!

I’m putting them in the raised garden bed space that I used last year as my main garden space.

I’m hoping they will do well here, since this space gets a fair bit of shade from the oak tree, thus making it slightly more challenging to grow anything with fruit. Leafy greens should appreciate a little more protection from the sun, I’d think.

I laid out my nine pots, split the seedling up and planted them in nine straight rows.

There was a lot of leaf mulch covering this bed. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It didn’t break down nearly as much as I was hoping, but there were dozens of worms under it, so it must be doing something.

Here the bed is, fully planted:

You can hardly see anything, but hopefully, in a few weeks, it will be a sea of green!

I’m still using the row cover even though I’m not too worried about frost now because it will keep the birds and bunnies off the green.

Also, here’s an update on my other bed of greens:

These were planted last fall. They didn’t get that big in the fall, but I was hoping they’d overwinter and pick up in growth once spring came. And they did! the mustard greens and lacinato kale are doing particularly well. I plan to repeat this fall brassica planting again.

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