Transplanting Onions

Yesterday we had a beautiful spring morning – a good time to transplant the onions!

These are the first transplants going in the garden.

The stalks are about an 1/8th of an inch thick, maybe a little more – still pretty tiny, but I think they’re ready.

I’m putting them in the front garden, in the same plot as the peas.

I spaced the walla walla onions about a handwidth apart.

Walla walla onions spaced out before planting.

There were too many white bunching onions to plant individually, so I left them in clumps and will thin them (and eat them) as they grow.

They look a little ridiculous, like small tufts of grass.

I covered them back over with the row cover and am hoping for the best.

Also, a few peas have sprouted!

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