Two Years of Becoming A Gardener!

Happy Spring Equinox! I almost blew past the two year anniversary of this site. It feels like no time has passed at all since starting this little project and yet, a whole lot has happened.

I graduated from residency, moved from Washington to California, completed a fellowship, got a job, and moved back home to Oregon. That’s three garden spaces over the course of these two years.

I’ve surprised myself by how much I’ve enjoyed writing these posts. I thought I would like the design-side of the blog better. I have done some coding in the past and part of the attraction of starting a blog was to use my coding skills again. It has turns out to be pretty frustrating to get code to work right (which is why this blog is pretty clunky), but I still get plenty of enjoyment from the creative task of writing.

It’s also fun for me to have a more elaborate record of my gardening than just a photo real on my phone. Here’s a quick photographic trip through the past two years:

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