Another Weekend in Seattle: Cleaning, Cooking, and Drawing

I’m in Seattle again this weekend, which means not much gardening is happening. Last time I was up here, we cleaned off the deck. Soon enough we’ll be able to eat out here.

Here was the before:

And here is the after:

It needed to good mopping. It has stayed pretty clean in between visits, and now more buds, leaves, and flowers are out.

Nate is very proud of his chestnut tree (grown from a chestnut):

As well as his…umm…oak tree?

He’s 90% sure this is an oak. I guess we’ll have to wait for the leaves to unfurl more to be certain.

And here is the columbine, just beginning to bloom:

I’ve decided to take up nature drawing as a way to entertain myself while I’m up here, since there isn’t much physical gardening to do.

Here are my first columbine sketches:

The most “finished” version.

We’re also making Spanish recipes for fun. Last weekend we made flan:

And this weekend was a tortilla española:

Partway through cooking

Yum and yum!

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