Everbearing Raspberries

One of the cyto techs – a fellow gardener – offered me some raspberries that she was digging up. I never say no to more plants!

These are everbearing raspberries, I believe, which means they will produce fruit on both primocanes and floricanes. We should get a small batch of raspberries in early summer off the floricanes and then a bigger batch in late fall from the primocanes.

All of the other raspberries in our yard are summer-bearing, so it will be nice to have a more extended raspberry season with this new kind of raspberry.

I decided to put them in this raised bed to makes them somewhat easier to contain and maintain.

I’ll need to make some sort of trellis to support the canes. I put a couple of posts on either side of the row as place holders, and will ponder the best way to trellis them here.

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