Planting Herbs

I’m almost done planting seeds for the summer season.

Yesterday, I direct-sowed some herbs into pots in the Front Garden. I kind of like having herbs in pots. It keeps them contained, they usually aren’t very big (unlike tomatoes or squash), you can keep them near the kitchen door for easy access, and there’s a possibility of bringing them inside to extend the season.

I planted dill…


…and basil…

(In four pots – I like pesto!)

While I was at it, I also transplanted the dahlias that were grown from seed into pots that I set at the “entrance” to the front garden.

The only seeds I have left to plant for the summer season are squashes (butternut, cucumber, etc) and nasturtium. And I have to transplant zinnia seedlings into the Flower Garden. And then there will be a break until July when it will be time to sow fall crops!

One thought on “Planting Herbs”

  1. Yum, cilantro on everything. Dill makes me think of Boo Radley. Basil makes me think of Fawlty Towers. I think I need sleep. 🙂

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