Preparing to Plant Dahlias

The dahlia tubers have been sitting in the basement, drying out, since mid-February. It wasn’t my intention to leave them in this state, but it was just never a priority to clean them up, separate them, and pack them in wood shavings.

And now it’s time to plant them.

I’m really hoping to get them in the ground this weekend, if not sooner. In preparation, I sorted through all the tubers, discarded some particularly shriveled ones, and split large bunches of tubers with multiple eyes.

Many are already starting to sprout, so it’s easy to identify the eyes.

This one has two eyes that I can distinguish, one on the right and one on the left
Here it is split in two to make two dahlia plants (not the cleanest cut, don’t judge)

I also found a really great looking bunch of dahlia tubers that I had stored properly in wood shavings in the garage a year or two ago. It has nice firm tubers (not shriveled like the ones I left to dry in the basement) and five sprouts.

I also have three dahlia plants grown from seed that have overstayed their welcome under the grow lights.

They’re going outside on the front stoop to acclimate to the outdoors in preparation for planting.

It should be good gardening weather this weekend. Hooray!

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