Some Garden Updates

The deck is gone!

We’re waiting on lumber and then the porch will be reframed and then it can be put back together.

It’s been interesting not having the porch for a little while, but I definitely want it back.

In other news, the bok choy that I’m growing for the first time had excellent germination and weathered last weeks snow with no problems.

The onions on the other hand are hanging in there, but looking pretty sad.

Especially the walla wall onions:

But they’re not dead yet!

The tomatoes are also looking sad. They’re getting leggy, and I need to get them into the ground this week, but I took them inside when the porch came down and due to the cold weather have kept them inside, so now I need to re-acclimate them to the outdoors, which will take more days. Oy!

They just need to get in the ground

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