Sowing The Flower Garden

I intended to plant the tomatoes yesterday, but it still seems a bit chilly for such warm weather crops, so I’m going to give them a few more days on the porch to acclimate.

I have plenty to do in the meantime. We’re past our average last frost date and there are no hard freezes in the forecast, so it’s time to sow lots of things. I’m starting with the flower garden.

I have a number of flower seeds that I’ve collected over the past few years that prefer to be direct sown.

I first needed to loosen up the soil a bit. Nothing has been grown on this half of this bed since…ever? So, the soil is a bit dense. I loosened it up just a bit and mixed in a little compost.

Then I scattered the seeds throughout the bed. Then I lightly scratched them into the soil and gave it a good watering.

The flowers I sowed are the following:


Columbine red and white origami




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