The Snowstorm of April 2022

I missed posting on Tuesday because….


Well, that’s part of the reason. We had “unseasonably” cold weather combined a good deal of precipitation and I woke up to slushy snow and rain Monday morning.

This was an historic event: the first recorded snowfall in April at the Portland airport since snowfalls have been measured starting in 1940!

I had to go to work early to prepare for a tumor board. When I left my house there was only about an inch or so on the ground. It was fortunate that I had to leave when I did because about an hour after I drive to work, they closed the highway and several other roads due to broken branches and falling trees. One of my coworkers who lives near me couldn’t get to work until 3pm! I guess the combination of heavy wet snow plus leaves on which to hold said snow was sitting was too much for the trees to handle. It was pretty sad to see all the branches down.

By the time I was done with work, the sun was out again and the snow was melting.

My drive home was traffic-less and smooth. But at the corner of our street, shortly before I arrived home, a minivan had jumped the curb and slammed into a telephone pole. I’m not sure if this was related to the weather or not. Like I said, the road conditions seemed back to normal at that time. Maybe the driver was distracted by the craziness of the day? Who knows. The telephone pole was askew and the power line snapped and was lying in the street. I was able to sneak around the wire and pull into my street. An hour later, the police were there and the entire intersection was blocked in both directions.

We didn’t lose power, but our internet is gone. It still hasn’t been restored, even though the power line is back up.

Power line lying in the road

I’m sure glad I didn’t plant my tomatoes last weekend. That would have been a disaster.

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