Adding Agapanthus

I had some agapanthus bulbs that I had gotten in Palo Alto late last spring. By the time I moved to Oregon, it was too late to plant them last year, so I just stored them in a grocery bag in the basement.

And then forgot about them….

….until this weekend! I opened up the bag, half expecting to find dried, desiccated, moldy bulbs, but they seem more or less fine. All of them are sprouting, so that tells me they should be viable.

I put five of them in the Flower Garden:

The sad-looking dead leaves in the back are leftover from last year. The pale green leaves are this year’s sprouts.

The remaining three went in the side garden.

If they do well, we should have giant allium-esque light blue/lavender blooms, like these ones:

I realize Oregon might be one zone too cold for agapanthus, so I’m treating this as just a fun experiment.

I also was noticing that none of the seeds I direct sowed in the Flower Garden are coming up yet. It’s possible I just need to be patient, but I sowed them shortly before we got that freak April snow, so maybe they froze to death. I’ll sow more flower seeds this week. The more flowers the better!

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