The Cabbage Worms Are Back

The bok choy that I’m growing was looking so good….

…but something is eating it!

The cabbage worm is back!

Or at least that’s what I assume it is. I looked all over the leaves, but of course I couldn’t find any cabbage worms. I did find a tiny spider….

You can hardly see the spider in this photo.

…but I can’t imagine that itty bitty spider could do all this damage.

The greens that I planted in the backyard raised bed have also been attacked, despite being under remay!

The transplants really haven’t grown much at all since I planted them and many have been completely decimated by the bug.

Last fall, the greens I planted were also attacked by the cabbage worm.

But they hung in there long enough and then winter came and (I’m guessing) sent the cabbage worm into hibernation. When spring came, these greens were ready to take off, and take off they did! They don’t look so great in the above photo. They were in their prime a few weeks ago.

The arugula is now flowering.

I want it to go to seed so I’ll have more seed for the fall or next spring.

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