Waiting For Things To Grow

Despite being in Portland for the weekend, it has been a pretty quiet weekend garden-wise.

I’ve planted or sowed almost everything that needs planting or sowing at this time and we’re experiencing some “Junuary” weather (January-like weather in June – or May in this case. Summer doesn’t really get going until July 4th, traditionally, in the PNW), so things are slow to grow.

I transplanted a daffodil that was growing in the middle of the lawn in the backyard (probably buried by a squirrel at some point) to the front Flower Garden.

I want alllllll the flowers in that garden.

Other than that, there wasn’t much to do. I moved the zinnias outside so they could acclimate a bit before being planted.

I also fertilized a few plants in the garden…maybe that will spur them to grow.

Last but not least, I made a rhubarb cobbler. Our rhubarb is still pretty small, so I only harvested one stalk as a test. The rest of the rhubarb came from the store.

The rhubarb stalks are about half the size a normal rhubarb stalk should be, but they have great color and are tasty.


What goes well with rhubarb? Strawberries of course! Can’t wait 😛

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