Weeds and Slugs

The garden is looking a little sad right now. Too many weeds and too many slugs!

I had been hoping that things would bounce back once our temps warm up a bit (we’re still stuck in the low 60s), but really I was just looking for excuses to avoid spending time in the garden. It’s just so depressing!

The slugs have eaten my zinnias, the bok choy (I blamed the cabbage worm previously, but that was wrong), and are now eating the peas!

I finally realized that it’s not going to get any better by avoiding it, so I spent a good hour this weekend pulling weeds and squishing slugs.

Maybe this raspberry bed doesn’t look very different in the above photo, but it was very satisfying!

The raspberries are coming!

And so are the peas!

2 thoughts on “Weeds and Slugs”

  1. I am happy to contribute some warm weather since NJ and MD are both right around 90 degrees. You may keep the slugs.

    1. Thanks for sending some warm weather! It got up to 76 today! Are you sure you don’t want any slugs? Let me know if you change your mind.

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