More Plants!

I was in Multnomah Village yesterday and came across a community garden with a pile of plant starts out front.

At first I thought they were for sale, but the signs said “Feel free to take as many as you can grow. Whatever you grow: Use what you can. Donate the rest to our food pantry.” How nice!

They had a bunch of tomatoes, some marigolds and calendula, some peppers, some sort of brassica, and some squash.

Initially, I just took two calendula and two peppers, one hot and one sweet. I tried growing jalapeños from seed this year, but I think they were really unhappy with our cool early summer and decided to die. Either that or a slug or rabbit ate them.

But then…I walked back by the plants with my friend and she convinced me to take three tomatoes as well.

I didn’t need very much convincing. They just looked so good! How could I not?

They had some neat-sounding varieties. I got Black Seaman, Ruby Green, and Striped Chocolate.

I really don’t have any more space for tomatoes…I’ll have to squeeze them in somewhere, I suppose.

Peppers: the one on the left is a hot pepper called Puma and the one on the right is a sweet pepper called Etiuda

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