Thornless Boysenberries

I was off work Monday to Wednesday last week and I came into my office on Thursday morning to find this:

The cytotech who gave me the everbearing raspberries a month or two ago had dug up some thornless boysenberries from her yard and brought them in to work for me on Monday, not realizing that I was scheduled to be off work until Thursday.

These plants clearly didn’t enjoy sitting in an office for three days. There was fortunately some water and moist paper towels in the bag keeping the roots somewhat wet, so they weren’t quite dead yet!

I planted it in the yard as soon as I got home and gave it plenty of water.

I also pruned off some of the clearly dead (dry and crunchy) leaves, to reduce some of the stress on the plants.

A couple of days later, here it is:

It has certainly perked up compared to where it was. I have hope for this guy!

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