Whitecrossed Seed Bug

One of my gardening resolutions this year was to pay attention to the bugs and other critters that I see in the garden. I’d been slacking on that goal until this guy caught my eye:

I found it crawling along a weed next to the raised beds in the back of the house. The distinctive red and black cross on the back wasn’t something I’d seen before.

A quick google search revealed it to be a whitecrossed seed bug. I suppose there are strips of white forming the cross that separates the black from the red on the back. The Latin name is Neacoryphus bicurus.

The whitecrossed seed bug is distributed widely across North and South America, so it’s native to our area. It likes to live on ragwort, which (I think) is the weed on which I found it.

Apparently these seed bugs eat the seeds of ragwort, reducing future populations of ragwort weeds. Sounds like a good deal to me. He can stay. I’ll hire him to be part of my landscaping team: Assistant Ragwort Reducer.

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